True Bliss Living

May we walk this path with love, with light,
with joy, with deep inner peace and a profound knowing
may we stretch and reach and grow. trusting always that
we are held in the arms of a kind and compassionate universe.

The True Bliss Living Philosophy is simple.  Believe in the life that you desire for yourself.  See it, own it, act it, live it, embrace it, and appreciate it.  All that you desire for yourself, your body and your life already exists. Everything we need and desire exists in all of us, around us and in the universe.  We experience hardships, mistakes and sorrow in all our lives. These experiences are here to teach us a lesson, are you listening?  We miss out on these lessons and the great rewards they bring because of a disconnect from ourselves and the miracles the universe has to offer.  Find your inner light and the path to being connected, it's right in front of you if you are willing. The secret to having it all is believing you already do.


True Bliss

True Bliss is a state of knowing all is well in your world in spite of the external people, experiences and circumstances. It is the ultimate surrender and trust in the universe, GOD, spirit, angels, guides, ancestors, a higher power, and what ever other word or expression you may use to relate to personally. We have the capacity to keep peace and calm underneath the chaos around us if we fill our lives with compassion for ourselves and each other.  A change in reality requires a change in perception and miracle is simply a shift in perception from fear to love. If we hold an understanding and acceptance of our light, have a willingness to share it with the world, the universe will always have our back and shower us with miracles.


Bliss is a state of being where you are authentically you, a spiritual being having a human experience. (Believe - Live - Imagine - Spark - Shine) When you live in a state of bliss you are not naive or simply positive about everything, you are living with the understanding and knowledge that all is as it should. That we are truly perfect just as we are and can show up in life with ease connected to the miracles and love the universe provides without limits.


(False Evidence Appearing Real)


(Fear of Missing Out)


(False Attachment to Karma and Expectations)


A simple shift in perception from fear to love.

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Kylie Kwon

Spiritual Transformation Life Coach, aka Spiritual Strategist, providing guidance, strategies and tools to heal, move forward, transform and curate your life to living in your True Bliss.  Awaken and step into your authentic truth knowing you are UNbroken, give yourself permission to be UNapolgetically you, and love yourself UNconditionally.